We also offer architectural technical services to initiate, execute and complete a documentation, control and security project

We offer architectural technical services to process and obtain the necessary documents or certificates and require a specialized technician.
Our services include:
  • Direction of the execution and direction of  construction work
  • Projects for the execution of new construction, renovation, extension, of buildings
  • Legalization
  • Demolition projects.
  • Projects of activity and control of construction works
  • Study and  planning of waste management 
  • Planning, cost forecasting, among other measures and work procedures
  • Calculation of facilities in the building.
  • Safety and Health Coordination during the execution of the construction work.
  • Drafting of basic health and safety studies among other studies.
  • Technical studies (Emergency plans, valued memos, among others).
  • Valuations, appraisals and expert reports as well as special offers.
Our philosophy

The values of the company are based on the satisfaction of the client, and in order to achieve it, we work hard, performing quality work and adjusting the time to complete the task entrusted to the client’s needs.